Q. What is MERQ an acronym for?
A. Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Quality Improvement

Q. Is MERQ legally registered to work in Ethiopia?
A. Yes, MERQ has all the required registrations and current clearances.

Q. Is MERQ VAT registered?
A. Yes, MERQ is VAT registered.

Q. How can we contact MERQ?
A. You can contact us by phone: +251-935-409495 or by email info@merqconsultancy.org

Q. Does MERQ have established partnerships?
A. Yes, we have a memorandum of agreement with the lead research institute in Ethiopia, Ethiopian Public Health Institute. We also have working relations with most regional health bureaus, FMOH, universities (local and international).

Q. Does MERQ engage in voluntary work?
A. Yes, we have coordinated workshops without payment. We (through the CEO) work with LSCF in support of patients with cancer.

Q. What is the extent of MERQ’s involvement in research?
A. We engage at all levels – from research question formulation to protocol development, processing ethical clearance, implementation, staff hiring, study subject compensation, study subject enrollment, data collection (qualitative and quantitative), data entry, data clearing, analysis write up and dissemination.

Q. What is MERQ’s IDC?
A. Our IDC ranges from 8% to 20% based on the nature of the project, the level of our engagement, and funding agencies limitations.

Q. Professional development?
A. We support those who come up with research ideas in soliciting for funding opportunities.

Q. Is the MERQ team GCP trained?
A. Yes, all of us involved in research are GCP certified.