Focus Areas



Focus Areas

  • Public Health
  • Clinical research
  • Health policy
  • Social Sciences
  • Mental health
  • Health service management
  • Nutrition
  • Gender


We support organizations/ institutions, and individuals to monitor and evaluate their project rigorously.  


From inception to dissemination and publications, employing the best methods.


We plan, facilitate and take overall professional responsibility to effectively manage trainings on key current and emerging topics of Health and Social Sciences; with multitude of options for delivery, expert need analysis and post training evaluation including impact assessment!

Quality Measurement and Improvement

With due focus on high impact interventions, we support organizations to design, implement and sustain options in delivering high quality services.

Event Planning and Organization

Fully or partly, we plan and organize events: conferences, seminars, workshops, community dialogues, consultative meetings and others well above your expectations.

Organizational Capacity Assessment

We conduct a facilitated and participatory assessment of organization's capacity, coupled with an action planning for capacity improvements.


We develop projects with clear scope and timeline and implement it keeping an eye on the metrics and quality.

Study Monitoring

We, independently, monitor all forms of researches and evaluations to ensure their protection of rights and safety of participants as well as the integrity and quality of the resulting data.

Survey and Data Collection

Using digital and manual options, we undertake effective data collection by deploying our thoroughly trained data collectors with high level ethical consideration.

Data Management

With our adequate human and infrastructure capital, we manage data of different studies, which include acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing collected data.

Analysis and Scientific Writing

We analyze and give meaning to your primary or secondary data. 

Development of SOPs, Manuals and Guidelines

We develop manuals, guidelines, protocols etc. for your organizational operation and delivery of quality services, based on up-to-date evidences 

Instrument Development and Validation

Based on your intended objectives, we develop the best tools for your study and we validate them for better and dependable interpretation of the data.