Message from the CEO



Alula M.Teklu, MD, MPH
Founder and Managing Partner

More than anything MERQ is a concept, an idea which is formulated through an iterative process where thoughts of 5-experts were blended giving birth to creating a research hub that engages in filling the evidence gap that is needed by policymakers, implementers, program managers, health care and social service providers. All activities target the optimal use of the findings and creating learning opportunities in the process.

In all our engagements so far, the MERQ team has been able to adhere to the principles and we have managed to deliver with utmost professional wit and determination.

We know Ethiopia inside out; we have all reasons to serve the country to the best of our ability and we are always ready to enthusiastically and genuinely engage in matters of public health and social importance.

With the human resource, technical and physical capacity and capability that we have built over the last 8 years, we believe we have become a pragmatic choice for research, implementation, capacity building, quality improvement, and program evaluations.

If you are thinking of research, scientific inquiries, and implementation sciences in Ethiopia, Africa, and beyond, contact us and we will be prompt in responding.