Partners and clients

MERQ has worked with 10 local universities including Mekelle University, Hawassa University, St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa University, Gondar University, Bahir Dar University, Mada Walabu University, Haramaya University, Defense University, and Semera University.

MERQ is a member of the Ethiopian Evaluation Association (EEvA) and the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA). We have also worked with EMwA, EPHA, ESOG and EMA.

Our international clients include the WHO, the Fred Hallows Foundation, Save the Children, MSH, NEP+, CIRHT, Ethio-Canada, the Twinning Center, Monash University, the University of Michigan, Maintains, Johns Hopkins University, Options, Vital Waves, and Nova metrics. MERQ has also collaborated with Exemplars in Global Health, which aims to provide evidence-based insights from positive outliers in global health to help decision-makers achieve large-scale success).

We partnered with and provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Health, regional health bureaus and the IIfPHC in the areas of evidence generation and programming. Most members of the MERQ team serve in different institutions as board members, advisory council members and participants in different professional platforms.