About Us

About Us

Beyond anything MERQ is a concept, an idea formulated through an iterative process to creating a research hub that engages in filling the evidence gap needed by policymakers, implementers, program managers, health care & social service providers using the findings & creating learning opportunities in the process.  

Who We Are…

MERQ is far more than a simple organization or entity; it is a dynamic concept, an intellectual formulation born from an iterative and continuous process. Its inception rests upon a foundation of innovation, analysis, and refinement, bringing into existence a research powerhouse uniquely positioned to service the needs of our increasingly complex world.

MERQ’s core mission is to serve as a vital research hub, focused on bridging the all-too-common chasm between scientific discovery and real-world application. By engaging in robust, comprehensive studies and investigations, we are devoted to filling the pressing evidence gaps that often hinder policy makers, implementers, program managers, and providers of health care and social services.

But our contribution goes beyond merely offering research findings. At MERQ, we recognize the power of knowledge dissemination and its role in fostering an environment of continuous learning. Hence, we actively promote the exchange of ideas, ensuring that our findings don’t merely collect dust in academic journals, but are instead put into action, informing policies, shaping programs, and improving services. This in turn fosters the growth of knowledge and capabilities among stakeholders, resulting in better decision making and more effective, efficient solutions.

In essence, MERQ embodies an ongoing cycle of research, learning, and knowledge transfer, ensuring that our work doesn’t just contribute to the academic landscape, but also equips the changemakers in our society with the evidence and insights they need to create a better, more responsive world.

Alula M. Teklu (MD, MPH)


Years Of Exellence In Action!




Our Leadership Team Members

Dr. Alula M. Teklu

Chair of Global Coordination Center

Dr. Yibeltal Kiflie

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Girmay Medhin

Scientific Inquiries & Research Director

Fasil Walelegn

Monitoring Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Director

Our Staff Members


Tsega Hagos

Health Economics & Policy Advisor

Setegn Tigabu

Senior Data Manager

Ayan Mohammed

Assistant Coordinator for Health System Research

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed

Afar (Samara) Regional Program Manager

Daniel Tadesse

Research Projects & Field Coordinator

Haymanot Abebe

Human Resources

Tegene Legese

Sr. RMNCH Specialist

Michael Kifle

Sr. Software Engineer & System Administrator

Mame Gurumu

Store Manager & Project Implementation Assistant

Daniel Angassa

Momona Healthcare Project Manager

Eyerusalem Tesfaye

Office Functions Assistant

Metasebia Getahun

Procurement & Logistics officer

Sewenet Lemma

Driver & Logistics Assistant

Fetiya Alemu

Finance Officer

Dr. Wondimu Tegegne

Training and Scientific Communication Specialist

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