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Who We Are

MERQ Consultancy is a global public health consulting organization established in 2013 in Ethiopia. MERQ, which is an acronym for Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Quality Improvement a concept conceived by the founders, an idea that has been formulated through an iterative process to create a research and scientific inquiries hub that engages in responding to the evidence needs of policymakers, implementers, program managers, and service providers in improving the health and socio-economic wellbeing of the human race.


Through rigorous and pragmatic program evaluation, research, training, and technical assistance, we generate relevant, valid and credible evidence to enhance informed decision-making and ultimately improve individuals and populations wellbeing.


MERQ aspires to become a pragmatic choice in program evaluation, Quality Improvements, research and capacity building for health and  social sciences.

What We Do

MERQ provides a vast array of services ranging from all aspects of project monitoring evaluation, research & scientific inquiries, capacity building and strategic planning, to quality improvement of health and social services.



Our Approach

In its activities MERQ targets optimal use of the findings to lead to overall improvement of programs and create learning opportunities in the process. We believe in a collaborative process in which users, methods, scientists, and reality come together in the search for the truth, while at the same time maintaining our professional independence and pragmatism. With adherence to the principles of rigor, independence, collaborative engagement, focus on utilization and continuous learning; MERQ pursues its quest for improved decision making in Africa and the globe.


Where We Work

We have offices in Ethiopia, the United States of America, Rwanda and Australia. MERQ has branch offices in some regions in Ethiopia as well regional coordinators in all 13 regional states and city administrations. Because of our demonstrated ability in meeting time and quality requirements, we have established a great deal of rapport with the Ministry of Health and regional health bureaus as well as synergistic partnerships with many higher education institutions in Ethiopia.

We have been focused on Ethiopia, but we have started expanding to the East and West Africa region through engagements which are taking us to Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria.

Our Team

Across its local and global offices, MERQ has a core team of professionals with a very diverse set of expertise and backgrounds including evaluation, health systems research, quality improvement, health information systems, data management, RMNCH, health economics, psychology, clinical trials, implementation research, digital solutions, quantitative and qualitative research.

Moreover, MERQ has a harmonious network of multi-disciplinary consultants from international universities, organizations, and freelancers who are readily available to respond to the increasing demand for our services in diverse areas ranging from equity, PHC and gender.


Coming Soon

MOMONA Healthcare, a new comprehensive healthcare organization, established to provide high-quality healthcare services to patients in the comfort of their own homes. We are staffed by a team of highly trained healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to patients with various health conditions.