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Research and Publication

• We provide end to end research activities that span from design and publication to following up on recommendations.

• MERQ has developed the human resources and infrastructure needed to effectively conduct high-quality research.

• We facilitate the proper design and conduct of research by employing rigorous and pragmatic methods involving various data sources, electronic data collection and quality assurance, robust data analysis, collaborative synthesis of evidence, and recommendation formulation.

• We support our clients in the operationalization of recommendations and production of publications targeting scientific communities and decision makers.

• We also provide study monitoring services where we independently verify adherence to protocols and procedures.

• In addition to primary research, MERQ also provides evidence synthesis and data use services to client who halve already existing project data.  Through a rigorous development process we facilitate the write up of manuscripts policy briefs and other data products based on client needs.  

• This service includes the analysis and synthesis of existing datasets or published evidence to support better decision making. Evidence synthesis is conducted through participatory and rigorous process of data source mapping, extraction of data/information, and synthesis.


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