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Monitoring Evaluation & Learning

We support organizations/ institutions, and individuals to monitor and evaluate their project rigorously.


From inception to dissemination and publications, employing the best methods.

Quality Measurement and Improvement

With due focus on high impact interventions, we support organizations to design, implement and sustain options in delivering high quality services.

About Us

More than anything MERQ is a concept, an idea which is formulated through an iterative process where thoughts of 5-experts were blended giving birth to creating a research hub that engages in filling the evidence gap that is needed by policymakers, implementers, program managers, health care and social service providers. All activities target the optimal use of the findings and creating learning opportunities in the process.

Alula M. Teklu, MD, MPH - CEO

Our Cover Area

MERQ offers a wide range of services with all possible combinations. With 2 offices in Addis, 2 satellite offices in Semera and Mekelle as well as a sister company in the US, MERQ provides diverse options for collaboration.


Monitoring Evaluation & Learning

MERQ Software Development

MERQ Software Development

Data Collection

Data Collection





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