From inception (concept development) to actual implementation, write up, publication and dissemination;we can take full responsibility for processing ethical clearance for researches and projects.

Trainings, Workshops, Conferences, and other events:

We do Needs Assessment, Targeted Training, Training material development and delivery, and evaluation in all health related areas. We work with experts in the areas of interest. We are experts in conducting training’s and training event management.


We do baseline assessment,M&E plan development, mid-term evaluation, processes, outcome& impact evaluation using participatory & robust methods.We adhere to using frameworks that are preferred by our clients and their funders. We do first-rate evaluation and we provide results using standard templates and power point presentations.


We do health quality assessment using rapid and well-designed techniques. We coordinate introduction of a quality of improvement strategy in facilities and offices, and monitor progress. We adhere to the principles of PDSA as the country’s QI strategy. We are the experts in the application and use of LQAS for Q&I, and all our work is participatory.

Guidelines and SOP

We provide comprehensive support in preparation of health related guidelines and SOPs. The SOPs include those that guide service delivery as well as SOPs for research protocols. We are adept in behavioral change communication material production for health.


Translation of questionnaires, scientific papers into multiple local languages

The MERQ team has:

  1. Successfully spearheaded the final evaluation of the JHU-TSEHAI project, a proj of more than seven years.
  2. Through MERQ’s CEO, done translations of scientific protocols & consent forms from English to Amharic and Tigringa.
  3. Done case study on reproductive, maternal, neonatal health, with focus on young and friendly services for the WHO.
  4. Done evaluation of a closed-look referral and home base PNC service for ITECH.
  5. Done an assessment of a mental health program for Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.
  6. Done a formative assessment of TB Care in the pastoralist communities for Heal-TB & KAPTLD.
  7. By inking a memorandum of agreement (see annexed copy) with Ethiopian Public Health Institute (former EHNRI), we are supporting the finalization of more than 7 sub-studies under the Advanced Clinical Monitoring of ART in Ethiopia.
  8. National Data Collection and Analysis for Evidence for Action Outcome Indicators – for UK Department for International Development (DfID) to conduct mid-term evaluation of the Evidence for Action initiative which intends to reduce Maternal and Newborn Mortality in Africa.
  9. “Assessing integrated treatment of mental health problems with HIV care” a study led by Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health that is being done in health facilities in Addis Ababa.
  10. Impact Evaluation of Result based Aid Project, implemented all over Ethiopia, supported by DFID – we are taking care of the data analysis under an agreement with a local firm
  11. National EPI cold chain inventory, data management, analysis and write up, with World Health Organization and Ministry of Health, based on an agreement with one member of our firm.
  12. Data Management and monitoring support for clinical trial on immune reconstitution in TB and HIV disease using antimicrobial treatment with Vitamin D and Phenyl Butyrate, at AAU.
  13. A member of the team (Dr. Alula Meressa Teklu) has just finalized a cluster randomized trial that looked at task shifting for improving adherence to ART in HIV care settings – done in 12 randomly selected facilities by enrolling 460 patients.
  14. Another member of the team (DiribaBedadaHunde) has done an assessment and critical evaluation of medical equipment and materials donated to health facilities in BenishangulGumuz region.
  15. A study that looked at the effectiveness of PEPFAR supported Trainings, including their descriptions and cost is being finalized by the team.

About us

MERQ was established by a multidisciplinary professional group with the principles of integrity, adherence to the most recent science, and serving public health. MERQ has a working relationship with local and international partners including the RHB, local universities, EPHI, Options, international universities and others. We work in partnership with an experienced and capable travel and car rental agency for our logistics needs, a laboratory service giant in Ethiopia for specimen transportation and lab services, and have an excellent working relationship with all Regional Health Bureaus and other National & Regional offices.

Vision: Our vision is to become a firm with professional standards which raise the heights of practice in using science to guide practices in health care delivery and public health in Africa. Our goal is to become the center of excellence for research, program monitoring & evaluation, training, and quality improvement..

  • Program Evaluation

    Formative, process, outcome, impact

  • Professional data collection

    Tool development, pretesting, collection, cleaning, management

  • Implementation Science

    Full-blown research, RCT, training on research methodology, monitoring, write up, dissemination

  • Collaborative Reasearch

    With local or international partners


Dr. Alula M. Teklu (MD, MPH) The CEO of MERQ, with over 15 years of experience working in health care delivery, management, research and M&E. Dr. Alula earned his MD from Gonder University of Medical Science, Gonder, Ethiopia, and his MPH from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He has worked for Johns Hopkins University’s TSEHAI Project as a Prevention, Care & Monitoring Director as well as Operation Research Coordinator. Dr. Alula has done his own randomized controlled trial on task-shifting, has led the establishment of a multisite cohort study, has participated in development of guidelines, and has done evaluations, case studies, and surveys. He has ample experience leading behavioral change communication activities including production, pre-testing, training and evaluations.
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28 Professionals with MPH, 13 with PHD, 14 with MD, 2 Professors

A great professional mix with ambition to take on any clinical/public health task at national or international level.
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160 Data Collectors & 34 Data Encoders

Data collectors with health services experience ready to be deployed for national or international data collection activities of quantitative, qualitative or mixed approach.
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24 Data supervisors & 36 data quality assurance personel

Ready to ensure your data quality needs profesionally
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Social, Bio-medical researchers

Available for consultation & implementation


Q. What is MERQ an acronym for?
A. Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Quality Improvement

Q. Is MERQ legally registered to work in Ethiopia?
A. Yes, MERQ has all the required registrations and current clearances.

Q. Is MERQ VAT registered?
A. Yes, MERQ is VAT registered.

Q. How can we contact MERQ?
A. You can contact us by email at or by phone phone: +251-118-829399

Q. Does MERQ have established partnerships?
A. Yes, we have a memorandum of agreement with the lead research institute in Ethiopia, Ethiopian Public Health Institute. We also have working relations with most regional health bureaus, FMOH, universities (local and international).

Q. Does MERQ engage in voluntary work?
A. Yes, we have coordinated workshops without payment. We (through the CEO) work with LSCF in support of patients with cancer.

Q. What is the extent of MERQ’s involvement in research?
A. We engage at all levels – from research question formulation to protocol development, processing ethical clearance, implementation, staff hiring, study subject compensation, study subject enrollment, data collection (qualitative and quantitative), data entry, data clearing, analysis write up and dissemination.

Q. What is MERQ’s IDC?
A. Our IDC ranges from 8% to 20% based on the nature of the project and funding agencies limitations.

Q. Professional development?
A. We support those who come up with research ideas in soliciting for funding opportunities.

Q. Is the MERQ team GCP trained?
A. Yes, all of us involved in research are GCP certified.

Reports and Publications

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