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Status Finalized
Project duration Nov 1, 2020 – October 31, 2021
Funding source Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Client Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Mechanism Grant
Category of project Evaluation and Program Assessment

Brief Description:

This evaluation is conducted on multiple projects being implemented by The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (BMGF).  In addition, the contextual issues related to equity in the health system are also evaluated to inform programming. The BMGF has been funding equity focused projects in Developing Reginal States and Equity Zones of Agrarian Regions in Ethiopia with the purpose of supporting government efforts to address geographic disparities in health. There is meagre evidence regarding the operational challenges, lessons, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of the foundation’s investments so far. This evaluation intends to inform future decisions on equity programming in DRSs and equity zones of Ethiopia.

The objectives of this evaluation were: 1) to evaluate the contribution of BMGF funded projects in reducing health inequities in key programmatic areas in DRSs and equity zones of agrarian regions; 2) to measure the effectiveness of BMGF funded projects in achieving their equity targets/goals in DRSs and equity zones of agrarian regions; 3) to assess the accompaniment of BMGF funded projects and with other donors, government and implementing partners in addressing disparities in DRSs and equity zones of agrarian regions; and 4) to assess BMGF funded projects in addressing health inequities in DRS and equity zones of agrarian regions based on the lessons from practices on the ground.

In this evaluation, a mixed methods evaluation involving quantitative and qualitative methods followed by in-depth case studies will be employed to comprehensively answer the evaluation questions. Equity will be assessed in the areas of capacity of the health; health service delivery and quality; and health service utilization and health status.

In this evaluation, the MOH, RHBs and the four implementing partners (JSI-L10K, JSI-UI-FHS, IHI – Ethiopia and CHAI) are involved.


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