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The National Assessment of Health Extension Program (HEP), 2018 – 2019


MERQ is responsible to independently conduct the national level comprehensive assessment of the HEP from inception to final dissemination of results to national and international audience. The assessment involved 62 woredas randomly selected from all regions, 343 health posts and 179 catchment health centers, 7,122 households, 584 health extension workers and close to 13,000 respondents in agrarian and pastoralist settings. This assessment also examined more than 2,000 respondents from urban settings.

Funding Mechanisms: Grant
Funding Source: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Scope: National Level
Collaborators: FMOH, Regional Health Bureaus
Project Details
Start Date2018-09-16
End Date2019-01-13
Clients Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Categories MEL Capacity building Research