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TT plus project evaluation in Bale and East Shoa Zones of Oromia Region, Ethiopia Status Completed

Status Completed
Project duration 2019
Funding source The Fred Hollows Foundation
Client The Fred Hollows Foundation
Mechanism Contract
Category of project Evaluation and program assessment

Brief description

MERQ consultancy was responsible for developing study protocols; training and deploying data collectors, deployment of data collectors, collecting, managing and analyzing data; and report writing. The main objective of the assessment was to determine the efficacy of a new, enhanced model of eye care for Ethiopia that builds upon routine models of eye care and integrates established services for trachoma and cataracts. Both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection were employed; quantitative data were collected from 583 respondents using eye health services, and engagement and satisfaction assessments tools. About 1,202 cataract patient registries were extracted and reviewed.

Scope: two zones of the Oromia region

Outputs: A report has been submitted to the client

Project Details