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Capacity building on scientific writing for academicians and program experts in the area of primary healthcare

Project duration January 2020 – September 2020
Funding source Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Client MOH, RHB, partners and local universities
Mechanism Grant
Category of project Capacity building and technical assistance

Brief description

This project is being implemented with the major objectives of building the capacity of researchers and implementers in the health sector; and publishing peer-reviewed journals and other published products from the data collected for the national assessment of the health extension program. In this project, experts from different stakeholders of PHC stakeholders were selected for capacity building and scientific writing. These stakeholders include young researchers from local universities, consultants, researchers from research institutes (IIfPHC) and professional associations, MOH and its implementing partners and experts in PHC. These experts (cumulative: #80) went through a series of capacity building sessions which included trainings on conceptualizing scientific papers, research paradigms, data management, and data analysis; scientific writing skills; policy brief development; mentorship in the process of manuscript development; and reviewing drafted manuscripts. For effective management of the project, these researchers were assigned to specific manuscript topics (#42) and policy briefs (#11) based on their preferences. Moreover, the writeup of these scientific products was managed under three cohorts. MERQ partnered with PREPSS (the University of Michigan’s Pre-Publication Support Service) and with senior public health experts in the country and abroad for the provision of training, mentorship, review services and copy-editing.

Scope: National

* 42 Draft manuscripts;
* Policy Briefs: 11 briefs covering important topics;


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