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Costed Implementation Plan (CIP) For Catchment-Based Clinical Mentoring and Supportive Supervision


Status Ongoing
Project duration November 2020- March 2021
Funding source DFID
Client Engender health
Mechanism Fixed rate Contract
Category of project Capacity Building and Technical assistant

Brief Description

Engender health-Ethiopia has been implementing the Family Planning and Comprehensive abortion care (FPCAC) mentorship program with the Ministry of health for the past few years and is now planning to phaseout and cascade the project with the regular health system.

The role of MERQ is to develop a costed Implementation Plan (CIP) for Catchment-Based Clinical Mentoring and Supportive Supervision (CBCM&SS) RMNCAH that will help to mobilize the resources required for customization of the initiatives throughout the country.

The methodological approaches and mechanisms used in planning includes review of relevant documents, observations/Key informant interview, and site visits. In addition to the document reviews, MERQ’s core team engages in consultative workshops with relevant stakeholders from facility/ region up to MOH, and technically support the development of the plan.

The costing approach is based on the “ingredient” approach, and involves identification and translation of the activities in the plan into specific resource needs or cost items. The unit price for each item is gathered through reviewing historical costs from the government, implementing partners financial, expenditure records, interview with personnel and other sources (if not available will be estimated from the total cost). The unit price estimates are tailored according to the level of the implementation if there are substantial variations at different levels (national, or regional). The quantity of each resource and frequencies of the resource used or activities performed will be used to estimate the total cost per year over the CIP implementation period. The cost will be further disaggregated by level of implementing entities (i.e. mentoring facility, cluster, regions & aggregate). Furthermore, important elements of the plan that have cost implication will be identified; and different scenario analysis will be conducted accordingly.

Scope: National

Outputs: Costed implementation plan for each cluster/facility by regions